Trademark Registration

Obtaining a Trademark registration will help in providing a registered identity to a brand. Such an identity defines the unique individuality and distinctiveness of a brand. A Trademark Registration in India helps in brand recognition, goodwill building, and customer retention for any business.

Patent Registration

Patent Registration helps in protecting inventions while invention must be novel, unique and innovative. Before filing a patent application in India, one should perform a detailed patentability search to determine whether a patent for it will be available or not. We can assist you with Patent registration

Copyright Registration

Copyright registration provides protection to the intellectual work of owner & ensures that originality is honored. When a proprietor registers for a Copyright, it gives him an exclusive right to reproduce, replicate, and distribute the work. Depending on the type of work, separate copyright applications may have to be filed.

Trademark Objection

Trademark objection is one of the initial stages in the trademark registration process where the trademark examiner objects to your application due to certain reasons. The registrar seeks valid reasons or explanations about the mark and its registrability. He gives the applicant an opportunity to explain how the said trademark fits the criteria to avail registration. The counter statement must be very strong.

Trademark Opposition

It means an objection filed by third parties, against registration of a trademark within 4 months of the advertisement of the trademark. If the Registry is satisfied with the notice, then they serve a copy to the concerned applicant. The applicant has 2 months to file a counterstatement or else the Registry may deem the application of the trademark as abandoned.

Design Registration

Design registration protects the product’s counterfeiting by complying with the Designs Act, 2000 at the Office of Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks. As prescribed in the Act, a product’s design can be registered if it has a new shape, configuration, pattern, composition of lines, ornament, or a particular combination is applied. It is important to protect your design in order to be secured.


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