MOA and AOA – Most Important Documents of Every Company

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For any entrepreneur, starting a new firm is an exciting experience. When you’re preparing to give your company a legal identity, the trip is exciting and fascinating. Following the start of a business, an entrepreneur’s mind is filled with numerous amazing ideas.

Companies are governed by legal documents that spell out the dos and don’ts of running a business. Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA), known as company charters, outline a firm’s scope of operation and internal management.

One of the most important procedures in the formation of a Private Limited Company and Public limited company is the preparation of these documents.

What are MOA and AOA?

The Memorandum and Articles of Association are the most important legal documents that make up the company’s constitution.

They are essential, and a company’s foundation is built on them. As a result, drafting them necessitates extreme precision and clarity.

Following the government’s registration of the Company, the owner must accept the dos and don’ts of the corporation’s legal requirements. Any permitted business is governed by the MoA and AoA.

These are the primary documents that aid in the supervision and maintenance of a company’s operations.

The Memorandum of Understanding is also known as the firm charter paper. As a result, the creation of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) and article of association (AoA) might be considered the most important stage in the formation of a company.

Let’s take a look at what article of association and memorandum of association mean and why they’re important.

Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association is the company’s founding document, which is created at the time of registration and revised on a regular basis to reflect changes, if any. It is a legal document that establishes the company’s cornerstone.

The document imposes restrictions on the company’s operations. During the incorporation procedure, a Memorandum of Agreement is required.

As a result, when designing the MOA, extreme precision and clarity are required.

It comprises all of the basic information about the business and its location, as well as the established scope of business operations and objectives, the scope of authority, the company’s legal rights, and all other information required to register the firm.

It’s also known as the Charter, and it’s required to be drafted and filed as part of the Registration Compliance process.

A memorandum may take any of the forms listed in Tables A, B, C, D, and E of Schedule 1 under Section 4(5) of the Companies Act,2013. Because of the various types of businesses, the tables are of various types.

The memorandum of association (MOA) contains 6 clauses

  • Name clause – It includes the official company name as well as the type of business (public or private). Only the name indicated in the Memorandum of Agreement is used in the business.
  • Situation Clause – This clause specifies the full address of the company’s corporate headquarters.
  • Object Clause – The MOA must specify the company’s aims for which it was formed. It addresses the company’s primary and secondary goals.
  • Capital clause – The amount of capital with which the firm was registered is stated in the capital clause. This clause describes the shareholding arrangement, including who the shareholders are and how many shares they own.
  • The liability clause –This clause specifies whether each of the members’ responsibility is limited or unlimited. In the event of the company’s liquidation, this clause will specify the sum that each member will be responsible for.
  • Association and Subscription Clause – In the case of a public limited company, at least 7 members must subscribe to the memorandum, whereas in the case of a private business, at least 2 must subscribe.

Important of Memorandum of Association (MoA)

The Memorandum of Association (MOA) is a fundamental and important document that must be completed in order for a company to be registered.

It clearly outlines the scope of the company’s operations and functions. This document has complete authority over the company’s operations. Unless relevant revisions are made, the company will not be able to engage in activities that are outside the scope of this contract.

It promotes transparency and serves as a conduit for all stakeholders to obtain complete information about the organization.

The Articles of Association

The articles of association contain the company’s management rules. The bye-laws or legislation and standards that regulate the management of a company’s internal matters and the conduct of its operations are called the articles of association.

Articles are extremely significant in a company’s operations. It is concerned with the rights of the company’s members individually. They are managed and subordinated to the memorandum of association.

The articles of association serve as a user’s manual for an organization, outlining the group’s mission and strategies for achieving short- and long-term objectives.

The AoA typically comprises a company’s legal name, address, purpose, equity capital, organizational structure, financial provisions, and shareholder meeting procedures.

Importance of Articles of Association

The articles of association are a crucial document for a business since it contains the rules, regulations, and bye-laws that govern the company’s internal administration and management. The articles are mostly for the company’s internal management.

The articles detail all of the authorities that directors and other officials have. The articles of association spell out all of the rights and responsibilities. All of the limits are spelt out in the articles of incorporation of a private Company.


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